Masters Finale – Symmons Plains


This gallery contains 26 photos. ran its Masters Series finale at Symmons Plains this past Wednesday (13th) which I participated and won both the Drivers and Teams Championship. I’d like to thank Tom Parker and David Fidock for racing in the second car and … Continue reading

My Track Modelling Dissertation


My track modelling dissertation I completed in the first part of this year as part of my Final Year Project at Staffordshire University.

It is quite long (16,817 words on 88 pages) and includes some useful information, I used a lot of quotes directly from this forum and various other places, I received a first for the paper.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions i will do my best to answer them.

Download link inside.
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Symmons Plains Raceway Bridge WIP 17-07-13

Work has slowed on the track with my Graduation taking place last Friday (the 12th) and with the temperatures in the UK making it nearly unbareable to sit at my computer for prolonged periods, what i would give for Air Conditioning.

Anyways i digress, One model i have completed is the Bridge that goes over the circuit at Turn 3. Other enhancments have been made to the track but this is the biggest new thing i’ve done so here’s a few screenshots.
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This website will serve two purposes to give myself a platform to show off my latest work and to act as an online portfolio for potential employers.

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