Symmons Plains Raceway v0.95 Beta [Released]


The second release of Symmons Plains Raceway (0.95 Beta) fixes issues found by the community, including the infamous wall collision bug, you can now ride the walls until your heart is content.

Flag stations have been fixed, they were activating at the wrong point of the circuit (other side of the barrier), this is now fixed with this version. Overhead adboards now shouldn’t flicker, this does depend on the mod and camera you are driving from though.

Filled in a few small holes found around the circuit and i’ve added small while panels along the back straight and by the marshal posts which were missing in the previous release.

I have also added a small tribute banner on the start finish straight for Sean Edwards who tragically lost his life in a crash at Queensland Raceway in October, I considered Sean as a good friend and wanted to do something to commemorate his life.
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Symmons Plains Raceway v0.9 Beta [Released]


My first release for rFactor2, Symmons Plains Raceway in Australia is located 30KM south of Launceston, Tasmania. The circuit is best known for hosting a round of the Australian V8 Supercar Championship currently known as the Microsoft Office Tasmania 365.

This beta releasing introduces the circuit to rFactor2 and therefore may include bugs and various other problems, this being my first release on the platform I wanted to get it out there for people to test and see where I can improve.

I would like to thank Tosch for his hard work on the AIW and HDR profiles for the circuit and ISI for making the game and being available for questions during development of the track.

On a side note I have added a donate button to the right bar on the site, if you feel I deserve anything for my efforts I would gratefully accept any donation.

Gallery, Readme and Download information inside.
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RELEASE: Custom Safety Car Corner Worker Animation


With Symmons Plains having a roof over all of the marshal posts the default safety car animation for the corner workers wasn’t going to work on this track out because they hold the board above their heads.

With this in mind i went about making a new animation which as the board held out over the side of the guard rail the results i’m releasing here.

Inside for download and video showing animation.
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